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- Daisy Allen, Romance Author -

First thing you should know about the author, is that she really, really hates writing these About The Author things. Who came up with these things? Cursed marketing people, that’s who! Damn you marketing people!

The second thing you should know about the Author is that she has an MBA…specialising in marketing.

The irony is not lost on her, even when many other things are…like going to bed at a reasonable hour or how the economy works.

The Author, other than laughing right now at referring to herself in the third person, currently lives in Maine, USA, although she identifies as Vietnamese, who lived most of her life in Australia, and was born in France. I’m…I mean, she is a veritable one woman international food court.

She likes wining and dining, and whining when she’s not being wined and dined.

Is a dog person, and professed not cat person, even though there is a cat currently sitting on her lap right now.

She wants to thank you for reading this book. 

Writing is all she’s ever wanted to do in life.

Happy Reading.


Also, sorry about the swear words. Her parents told her to write that. No, no they did not, they’re the ones who taught her those naughty words, guttermouthed, heathens!

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